… 30 Days in May … Day 25

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— Photo credit: Indianapolis Motor Speedway —

Indianapolis 500 Insights

By: Jeff Majeski — Jeff’s Indy Talk

— 30 Days in May — Day 25 —

No. 25 — Danny Ongais — 1978 Interscope Racing Parnelli/Cosworth

Some cars and drivers just sum up an era at Indianapolis and are indelibly linked.

While not a legend of the Brickyard like, say, A.J. Foyt or Rick Mears, if you went to the track in the late 1970s to mid-1980s, you remember Ongais and the black Interscope No. 25.

Danny On the Gas was fast, fearless and spectacular (in both good and bad ways).

When Tom Carnegie or John Totten piped up on the PA system that Ongais was on the track, you paused from munching your Sno-Cone and gave the 2 ½-mile oval your undivided attention.

In 1978, the Flying Hawaiian started second and led 71 laps before the engine blew.

Ongais wound up 18th with 145 laps to his credit.



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