… 30 Days in May … Day 17

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Ribbs Indy

Indianapolis 500 Insights

By: Jeff Majeski — Jeff’s Indy Talk

30 Days in MayDay 17

No. 17 — Willy T. Ribbs –1991 Cosby/McDonald’s Lola/Buick

Ribbs had a devil of a time qualifying for his first Indianapolis 500 because the ever-temperamental Buick engine would fail after only a handful of laps.

In the last hour of qualifying, Ribbs shoved aside the frustration, shelved any jinxes and put it in the show, bumping Ton Sneva in the process.

The mechanical gremlins returned on race day, however, and Ribbs lasted only five laps and finished 32nd.

Photo from my 1991 Carl Hungness Indianapolis 500 Yearbook.



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