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Floyd “Pop” Dreyer
Dreyer Honda
4152 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana  46241


Indianapolis …The legendary early motorcycle racer, race car builder, and pioneering auto and motorcycle dealership owner Floyd “Pop” Dreyer will be honored on Saturday, April 21, with an Indiana Racing Memorial Association (IRMA) historic marker.
“IRMA was founded in 2013 to celebrate the history of racing in Indiana, what made us the Racing Capitol of the World ©,” said Co-Founder Brian Hasler.  “Pop Dreyer is one of that breed of individual who challenged speed both as an early Indian motorcycle racer and as an outstanding builder of championship race cars.”
Pop Dreyer’s list of accomplishments are many, including as:  an early era Flxible and Indian motorcycle racer; a Duesenberg mechanic on the 1922 Indy 500 winning team; a designer of land speed race cars; a builder of midgets and sprint cars; and as a BMW dealer and the first franchiser of a Honda motorcycle dealership east of the Mississippi, and the longest continuously owned Honda dealership in the nation.
The event will take place at the Dreyer Honda dealership located at 4152 West Washington Street in Indianapolis on Saturday, April 21 at 3:00 PM.  The unveiling ceremony will feature:  former Dreyer & Reinbold race driver Sarah Fisher; Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum historian Donald Davidson; the Dreyer & Reinbold racing team; and, the Indian Motorcycle racing team.
A fundraiser for IRMA will take place immediately following the ceremony from 4:00 to 6:00 PM in the Dreyer Honda Dealership and will feature:  over 20 vintage motorcycles, including early Indians, from multiple personal and public collections; the 1922 winning Indianapolis 500 car driven by Jimmy Murphy and built by Pop Dreyer, provided by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum; midgets and sprints built by Pop; and, memorabilia about Pop’s life.  Food and drink will be provided by the Cannon Ball Brewing Company, named one of the top 25 restaurants in Indianapolis.  The cost of the event is $33, or $42 with an IRMA membership, or $60 with an IRMA membership and an autographed copy of the “They Called Him Pop” book by Mike Dreyer.
“IRMA is very pleased that Pop Dreyer will be the 33rd recipient of one of our race-themed historic markers, and that he will be part of our ‘starting lineup’ of marker inductees,” .  “This event will help us continue our work here in Indiana and beyond in recognizing those who have contributed so much to the sport of racing.”

Same Day @ 4pm — “IRMA IS TURNING 33” Fundraiser
Join us in celebrating our 33rd Historic Marker!
Dreyer Honda, immediately after the Pop Dreyer unveiling.
Cost Option 1:  $33 for admission
Cost Option 2:  $42 for admission plus a new IRMA membership
Cost Option 3:  $60 for admission plus a new IRMA membership
 plus an autographed copy of “They Called Him Pop” book.
Pay at the door.
Special Guests:  Sarah Fisher, Donald Davidson and the Dreyer & Reinbold and Indian Motorcycle Racing Teams
 Event Features:  20 vintage motorcycles, plus the 1922 winning Indy 500 race car, other vintage race cars on which Pop Dreyer worked & tons of memorabilia.
Food and Beverage provided by Cannon Ball Brewing Company
 Support IRMA’s continuing mission to honor racing in Indiana.
RSVP to: or call 317/362-6962