Firestone Racing makes changes for 2017 …

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Bridgestone Americas announced that the company is reorganizing the Race Tire Development (RTD) arm of its Firestone Racing program, adding manufacturing expertise while reaffirming the brand’s commitment to innovation and the Verizon IndyCar Series.

Changes to the team include the following:

• Dale Harrigle, currently chief engineer and manager of race tire development, has accepted a management position within Bridgestone’s Consumer Tire Trade Group, effective at the conclusion of the 2016 Verizon IndyCar Series season.

• Cara Adams (pictured above), currently senior project engineer, race tire development, will succeed Harrigle as chief engineer, Bridgestone Americas Motorsports and manager, race tire development.

• Dan Peterman, currently plant engineer at Bridgestone’s Passenger Radial Tire (PSR) plant in Aiken, S.C., was named manager of race tire development/production and building services and will move to Akron, Ohio, effective immediately.

“Dale is an innovator in the world of race tire design and he has been instrumental in the success of Firestone Racing for more than two decades,” said Lisa Boggs, director of Bridgestone Americas Motorsports. “The program would not be where it is today without his expertise, leadership and sacrifice. Dan and Cara have demonstrated the knowledge, experience and leadership necessary to ensure a seamless transition and to continue our tradition of excellence.”

Adams, who will take over the role of chief Engineer and manager of race tire development at the end of the season, began her career with Bridgestone in 2003 as an engineer in the Tire/Vehicle Dynamics department.

She joined the Race Tire Development team in 2007, where she developed road and street course tires, and currently oversees the brand’s superspeedway tire development, including those used in the Indianapolis 500. She also manages the race team’s Force and Moment testing program, working with teams and manufacturers to develop tire models used in race simulations.

“I’m honored to lead our engineering team in the future development of tires for Indy car racing and into the next chapter of Firestone Racing’s storied history,” Adams said. “Perhaps one of Dale’s biggest contributions to our sport is the expert team of engineers and chemists developed during his tenure. Dan, our entire team of engineers, chemists and technicians and I look forward to applying those teachings as we continue to provide world-class tires to our racing family.”

Harrigle, who joined Race Tire Development when the Firestone brand returned to open-wheel racing in 1994, will lead a team responsible for developing light truck, SUV and winter tires for the consumer tire replacement market. In this role, Harrigle will continue to exemplify the brand’s tradition of transferring technology between its race tires and passenger tires.

“I am extremely proud of my accomplishments as chief engineer and manager of race tire development, and throughout my entire career with Firestone Racing,” Harrigle said. “I’ve had the privilege of working with many talented, dedicated and inspiring people in the world of motorsport, and I am honored to have been chosen to lead the great team at Firestone Race Tire Development for the past four years. I am excited for a new challenge and to use my expertise in leading a team in the Consumer Tire Trade Group. I wish Firestone Racing and INDYCAR continued success in their tremendous partnership, and I congratulate Dan and Cara on their new roles.”


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