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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Good Afternoon from Knoxville,

We wanted to thank everybody for the outpouring of love and support this week. It has been overwhelming and very much needed. We have enjoyed hearing your stories about Bryan and letting us tell ours. Your generosity has left us speechless and humbled. Thank you doesn’t seem like it’s enough, but we sincerely thank you. We promise that we will also be there for you like you have been here for us.

We have seen on social media, or been asked when is the service at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? And we get it. In the moments after BC’s passing, IMS graciously offered the track for a public celebration and we gladly accepted. However, during our conversations with each other and with IMS, the words Kokomo Speedway kept coming up. Bryan loved the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he spent his childhood dreaming about it, he took the green flag three times at it in an IndyCar, and he revered it … but Kokomo was home. To get to know him, you had to go to Kokomo. To feel him, you had to be in Kokomo. So that’s what we all decided as the logical place to hold this celebration.

We are sorry for the confusion. The Kokomo event on the 24th at 1:00pm is THE celebration of life for Bryan Clauson. We know that the crowd could be overwhelming for Kokomo and we are working on a logistical plan with the track to accommodate what we expect to be an absolutely amazing turnout. Those details will be presented next week.

Thank you again from all of us,

Lauren, Tim, Di, Taylor


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