So ends my Month of May …

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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Image by Eric Anderson

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Image by Eric Anderson

So ends my Month of May … as many of you know, I choose not to work on race day, spending my time with my family, in our seats on the main straightaway … we always arrive at the break of dawn to see the sun come up over the backstretch, being unbelievably thankful for the blessing of spending time together because of the sacrifice of those who have protected America.

With those thoughts in mind I will quietly slip into the shadows for a bit and spend time with Amy and our grandchildren. I will leave you in the hands of the terrifically talented scribes who bring auto racing alive, Gordon Kirby, John “Oreo” Orevicz, Jeff Olson, Andy Hallbery, Art Garner and so many more that there isn’t enough room here to list.

Needless to say my good friend Donald Davidson forever keeps the light of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway burning bright.


The finest words I have ever read about this place and the world’s most important race day are from the final radio sign-off of Sid Collins …

“So now, the 60th running of the 500 here is now history. Since 1911, the hypnotic effect of speed upon driver and spectator alike is never dim. The run from the green flag to the checkered and on to Victory Lane here is a pursuit only one man in the world can accomplish once a year. Today, once again, Johnny Rutherford etched his name and his achievement upon the granite of time. He reigns supreme as the champion of the sport of auto racing this day and forever more. The massive crowd of more than 350,000 has threaded its way towards the exit gates as their eyes have taken a final sweep over the track before departing. For some, this has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience, others will come back, but in every case, it’s always difficult to relinquish one’s grasp on the pulsating emotion that is the 500. And at this microphone we share that reaction of having to say goodbye to you across the many miles that separate us. But, another icy Indiana winter will come and go, and before we know it, springtime returns, it will be May, and the roar of engines will once again breathe life into the lazy Hoosier sky and bring us back together. God willing, I’ll be here to greet you for this annual reunion through our mutual love of auto racing and the Indianapolis 500…

… And now this final thought for our winner. Enthusiasm with wisdom will carry a man further than any amount of intellect without it. The men who have most-powerfully influenced the world have not been so much men of genius, as they have been men of strong conviction with an enduring capacity for work coupled with enthusiasm and determination. Johnny Rutherford showed these qualities today in becoming victorious over the Indianapolis 500…

… So until next May, this is Sid Collins, the Voice of the 500, wishing you good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, depending upon where in the world you are right now. We’re here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, at the Crossroads of America. Goodbye.”

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