joining as primary sponsor on the American-themed #18 car driven by Conor Daly …

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Pat McAfee announces his sponsorship of Conor Daly's No. 18 Honda with for the 100th Running of the Indy 500 presented by PennGrade Motor Oil -- Image by Jim Haines

Pat McAfee announces his sponsorship of Conor Daly’s No. 18 Honda with for the 100th Running of the Indy 500 presented by PennGrade Motor Oil — Image by Jim Haines

Indianapolis, IN (May 18, 2016) – Conor Daly and Dale Coyne Racing are teaming up with Indianapolis Colts star player Pat McAfee for this year’s 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500. McAfee’s company joining as primary sponsor on the American-themed #18 car driven by Daly.

McAfee’s recently launched company was born from two ideas. One, to help an Indiana driver at this year’s Indy 500 and the other, to help two military foundations.

For each t-shirt sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to Wish For Our Heroes, which was founded by American veterans to help struggling veterans with every day situations they face off the battlefield and to The Pat McAfee Foundation. Now in its fourth year, the Pat McAfee Foundation has given more than $150 000 in scholarships to children of military families.

“Conor and I have been friends for a while now and I couldn’t wait to hear his thoughts about the 100th running of The Greatest Spectacle in Racing and how magical the Indy 500 is,” shared McAfee who is also a stand-up comedian. “Conor, being a kid from Indiana, started talking about how fantastic it is for Indiana that all of these awesome things are going to happen, how the entire world’s eyes turn to Indiana, and how every year we knock it out of the park.

41d080d2-05a1-4a73-a4cc-5a591834c02bWhile we chatted about how lucky we were to be Hoosiers, he told me that he didn’t have a primary sponsor yet for the race. I didn’t believe him at first but then I saw it as an opportunity not only to help an Indianapolis kid run in the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500, but also, as a chance to raise money for a couple of military foundations. So I created and sponsored his car. When we’re chugging milk in Victory Lane Memorial Day weekend, we’ll do it with some true fulfillment knowing that we’re also helping American heroes.

“Pat’s a tremendous American and to have this opportunity to work together is fantastic,” expressed Daly. “I’m proud to represent on track as we raise money to help American Veterans. A passionate American Hoosier myself, I can’t wait to pilot our red white and blue #18 machine in the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500. We are going to give it everything we’ve got this month and I can’t thank Pat enough for wanting to come onboard to make this happen.”  “We’re very excited to partner with Pat McAfee and in the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500,” added Team Owner Dale Coyne. “The story behind Pat’s company is what being American is all about with helping and giving back to others. Promoting his brand at the biggest single-day sporting event in the world that also happens to take place on Memorial Day weekend is only fitting. We’re proud to see our #18 car sporting the American colors at this historic race.”

13267988_10209403936845999_4107007674809168822_nMcAfee spoke at length: “Today is a gigantic day in history. Jot this one down in the books. This morning started out normal, but when I go to sleep tonight, nothing will be the same. This morning when I woke up, I had a huge piece of apple pie. That’s what Dale Coyne and I do. Conor couldn’t do it, because he’s got practice, but I chugged a nice, tall Budweiser. Took a shower and brushed my teeth with freedom. What we are doing here today is to announce that good friend of mine Conor Daly, Dale Coyne and I have teamed up for the 100th Running of the Indy 500. Hootie (Darius Rucker) is going to sing the National Anthem. Celebrities will be flocking in from all over the world. In a suite somewhere, who’s going to be pulling hard for Conor Daly is myself, my team, and, which is a business that just started, literally, three days ago. This is an exciting time for Conor, myself and Dale seems really elated. I just gave him a check.  This is going to be a fun thing. On a serious note, Conor Daly and I have been friends for a while. We’ve had cocktails together. We’ve chit-chatted about life together. I’ve beaten him in Mario Kart. And I found that to be a pretty stupendous thing. We went go-kart racing, and I did not beat him. (More on next page).Then I came out to the track last week and watched an Indianapolis kid, and Indiana kid lead 14 laps in the Angie’s List Grand Prix, right here at the majestic Indianapolis Motor Speedway. (More on next page). When I started chatting with him about who his primary sponsor was for the Indy 500, he told me he didn’t have one yet. Myself and my team saw this as an opportunity not only to get an Indianapolis kid in the 100th Indy 500 but a chance to raise some money for some military foundations as well. was created under the premise that we’re going to get this kid in the race to win. We’re going to celebrate in Victory Lane by chugging 10 bottles of milk and we’re going to raise money for military foundations by doing so. I’m so excited for today to happen and I can’t wait for the race to start.” (About the car’s livery): “I don’t know if you’ve seen the mockup of the car, but if you’re from Maine. If you’re from Florida or from Southern California or the northern tip of Washington and all the towns in between. If you’re a kid, or an adult or the elderly this is a majestic American vehicle that you’re going to be pulling for start to finish for all 500 miles. To be honest, Babe Ruth called his shot. Broadway Joe (Namath) called his shot. This is me, putting my money on the guy that I’m guaranteeing a win for. That may be a lot pressure for Conor, but I really don’t give a damn. I don’t have to drive a car. I’m excited. I think Conor is an incredible talent. Anyone who knows driving knows he’s an incredible talent. This is an incredible opportunity that could happen. And although I beat him in Mario Kart, he’s going to win the Indy 500 and you can quote it.” (About his appreciation for IMS and Indy car racing): “When you come to Indiana… I was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where Indy car is not large. As soon as you get to Indiana, you learn about the deep tradition of racing. My first year, I was in the Snake Pit. I didn’t see many cars, Dale. Dale, I had no idea you even existed, to be honest. As the years past, I continued to grow in my respect for racing. I got a chace to meet these guys. It was two years ago, I got to sit in Turn 1 and actually got a chance to watch the action and found out quickly why people love this sport. The people at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are nothing but class. A first-class organization and I’ve been nothing but lucky to be associated with these people.”

Conor Daly stated: “This is really cool for us. Our program is obviously for the full season, but we had a gap here at the 500 that we had to fill. It’s been really difficult to put the full program together. Pat came on board and this is a really cool idea. It’s a really cool thing that he’s created. I think to raise money for veterans and military families is what the whole race weekend – the Indianapolis 500 race weekend – is all about. I’m a proud American. Pat is a tremendous American and we’re going to have a great time representing America for this whole month. I can’t thank him enough for coming on board.”

Dale Coyne, owner of Coyne Racing added: “We’re very happy with the whole program. It’s kind of cause marketing and three of our four cars are doing that with the Komen car for breast cancer, the Boy Scouts car and this one for veterans. It’s a fantastic thing for us.”

The #18 car has shed its white, green and black livery for the red, white and blue. The American flag will be featured on the nose as well as on the shark fin, with the logo placed prominently on the side pods.

The all-American #18 machine will make its first public appearance on Thursday, May 19 during the Noon to 6pm practice session.

Qualifying for the Indianapolis 500 takes place this weekend, May 21st and 22nd with the Greatest Spectacle in Racing going green on May 29th. The race will be broadcast live on ABC starting at 11am ET.


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