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On March 11th, the following statement was posted on the website of the Illiana Motor Speedway … owned and operated by Mr. Mike Mikuly.

“It is with a heavy heart that we make this announcement, Illiana Speedway will not be opening for the 2016 season. The sale listing has ended but the property is not sold, it is still for sale. We do have some interested parties looking at the facility in hopes it will re-open as a race track. If we hear any news, we will post it on our web site.

It is up to all of you to save racing. With all the negative posts it is hard to get people to make the choice to come enjoy a night at a race track. If something isn’t done to make people want to come to the races, short tracks in America will be a past memory and a remember when ….

It’s hard to put on a race and all it takes to make it all work when all you hear is the negatives. There is so much more than opening the gates on race night then you will ever know. It has finally taken the drive out of me and the dedication it takes to keep going.

We will miss you all and wish you all success in your travels and ventures to come.”


Photo by Brandon Zeman

Illiana Aerial Early 50s

Illiana Motor Speedway in the early 1950s. This photo hangs in the pit office at Illiana. Notice the two distinct track layouts, the pit area off of turn three, the airplane hangars just behind the grove of trees in the left-center of the photo. Along the bottom of the photo is a two-lane Highway US 30 (formerly known as the Lincoln Highway)


Stan K Logo

Editors Note: The 1950s photo is part of the most extensive documented history of the Illiana Motor Speedway that this editor has reviewed. It can be found at by clicking here.

The history of the Illiana Motor Speedway is just a small sampling of the terrific work authored and presented by Chicagoland Racing Historian Stan Kalwasinski. His work, in its entirety can be found by clicking here.