Indianapolis 500 and “Track Burgers” …

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By: Jeff Majeske

Special Correspondent for Speedway Sightings

Graham Rahal will be sponsored by Steak ‘n Shake at this year’s Indianapolis 500. My Indy cohort, Bill LaDow, has the release on his site:

Rahal is no stranger to burger-sponsored cars as he wheeled a McDonald’s ride in 2009.

Here’s a look at some other “track burgers” over the years:


Graham Rahal – 2009 / Photo credit: Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Pancho Carter – 1990 / Photo credit: Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Hardee’s also sponsored Scott Brayton and Tony Bettenhausen over the years.


Chip Mead – 1981 / Scanned out of my 1981 Carl Hungness 500 yearbook.

Chip Mead did not qualify. I always wondered if he just walked over to the White Castle at the corner of 16th Street/Crawfordsville/Georgetown and asked them if they wanted to sponsor his car. 


Cliff Hucul – 1978 / Scanned out of my 1978 Carl Hungness 500 yearbook

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