Tony Stewart Cleared of Criminal Charges by Ontario County, New York Grand Jury …

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Ontario County, New York District Attorney Michael Tantillo conducted a press conference at 3pm this afternoon at the Ontario County Courthouse regarding, as he put it; the Tony Stewart matter as submitted before the Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury found that there was no basis to charge Tony Stewart with a crime in the race track death of Kevin Ward Jr., during a sprint car race at the Canandaigua, (NY) Motorsports Park on August 9th.

After a brief prepared statement; DA Tantillo answered questions, covering differing aspects of the case as presented.

DA Tantillo noted that some two-dozen witnesses (including drivers, track workers, accident investigators and police) along with two separate videos (one from race track personnel) and photographs were presented to the Grand Jury.

In the case of the videos, a second video (not found on YouTube) were enhanced, examined in detail and showed “no aberrational driving by Tony Stewart.”

One previously unreported aspect of the matter was found to be the presence of enough Marijuana in the system of Kevin Ward, Jr. “to impair judgment.”

The District Attorney says law enforcement never requested Tony Stewart to undergo alcohol/drug test, after assessment on-site that he wasn’t suspected to have used.

DA Tantillo noted that he thought the fact that Kevin Ward Jr. running down a “hot” track played “a big big factor” in no charges being leveled against Stewart.

The DA said that his office had submitted charges of Manslaughter in the second degree and criminally negligent homicide for consideration by the Grand Jury.

The DA also stated that there were varying versions of what had taken place and several witnesses chose not to talk to police. As a result Tantillo was forced to subpoena them to Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury deliberated for less than one hour.


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