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Billy Coy (Mickey Rooney) is from Carrell in California and wants to be a racecar driver. He manages to get hired as a mechanic by Arthur “Red” Stanley (Thomas Mitchell) at his garage, after mentioning that he is the son of a famous driver “Cannonball” Coy, who had died in an accident at the Indianapolis 500 a few years back.  Red used to be a mechanic working for Cannonball, and still has the hots for his widow, Billy’s mother, Mary (Spring Byington).

2At the garage, Billy befriends a tomboy named Louise Riley (Mary Hatcher), whose father owns the nearest racetrack. Soon Billy gets a chance to prove his skills as a driver in a qualifying race, but is too arrogant to follow his employer’s advice and is unsuccessful. He goes on to ask Louise to meet on Saturday night at the racetrack, and thinking it is a date, Louise makes an effort, putting on a dress. It turns out Billy needed her help with changing some carburetors and Louise has to hide her disappointment.

Billy gets another chance to drive in a qualifying race, for different car owner. The car is green, which is the same color as the one his father drove when he crashed. Despite the superstition, Billy drives in the race, but is run off the track by a driver named Vic Sullivan (Michael O’Shea). Billy survives the crash, and after another man driving for Deacon Jones injures his hand, Billy is offered his ride instead.

Billy wins the next race and gets to continue driving for Jones, together with his other driver, Happy Lee (Steve Brodie). But Billy manages to get arrested for speeding after a night out at a club when he has too much to drink. Red comes to the rescue and bails him out, and contrary to Red’s advice, Coy goes on to race that same night. When the steering wheel in Happy’s car fails during the race, Billy crashes into his car and Happy dies in the flames. After the race, the other drivers avoid Billy, and he is fired from Deacon Jones’ garage. He decides to move from California.

Billy stays in contact with Louise, and promises to meet her again on the next Memorial Day, at Indianapolis. He travels east and starts over as a race car driver. During the time he is gone, his mother and Red become a couple and get married.

On the day of the next Indianapolis 500, Mary, Red and Louise are all at the race track and about to watch Billy’s return as he drives one of Red’s cars. He drives well, but when he has only on lap left, the engine catches fire. He still finishes the race, ending up in third place, and manages to save himself by leaving the car just before it explodes in a sea of flames. The 500 winner gives the trophy to Billy for his bravery, and he reunites with Louise.


WISH for OUR HEROES (W4OH), the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indiana National Guard are teaming up to provide fans with an opportunity to help send active United States military or veterans to the inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis, Indianapolis 500, Kroger Super Weekend at the Brickyard or Red Bull Indianapolis GP in 2014.

The “Wish Fund” program gives fans four ways to salute American service members through contributions or donations at or

– Text to donate: By texting the word ‘America’ to 20222, a $10 donation will automatically be deducted from the sender’s telephone bill.

– Contribute funds: Contribute $5 or more toward the purchase of a 2014 IMS event ticket for an active-duty service member or veteran.

– Purchase tickets: Purchase a 2014 IMS event ticket for an active-duty service member or veteran.

– Donate tickets: Donate extra or unused 2014 IMS event tickets to an active-duty service member or veteran.

WISH for OUR HEROES is a national charity dedicated to “Helping Heroes Battle Hardships” by granting wishes to military and their families. WISH for OUR HEROES is a volunteer-based organization, allowing every dollar donated to directly assist the troops. Since 2009, more than $7 million has been granted to military heroes. To assist with a $10 donation, text “AMERICA” to 20222.

For more information visit:

“Honoring active and retired servicemen and women at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of our longest and most important traditions,” said J. Douglas Boles, Indianapolis Motor Speedway president. “We are pleased to continue our partnership with Wish For Our Heroes and look forward to once again hosting military personnel and their families as guests during all of our racing events this year.”

Fans who donate the purchase price of a ticket to the “Wish Fund” can designate the service branch and service status (active, reserves, National Guard, veteran, wounded veteran) of the ticket recipient. “Wish Fund” contributors who donate tickets or the purchase price of a ticket also can receive a picture of the military recipient and learn more about their dedicated service to the country.

“We are proud to enter our third year working alongside IMS and ING to reward our brave men and women serving our country,” said Erich Orrick, WISH for OUR HEROES president. “The strains of military life take their toll on Military families, and through this program, our mission is to provide them with the experience of a lifetime and do our part to thank them for all of the sacrifices they’ve made for us.”

Wish For Our Heroes was launched in November 2009 to grant wishes for active-duty soldiers, sailors, Marines, airmen and their families and is a tax-exempt charity under Code Section 501(c)(3). W4OH strives to relieve the burdens of family separation, reintegration for deployed soldiers, hardship circumstances and other means of assistance not covered by existing military charities.

The purpose of W4OH is simple: Reward brave men and women who make so many sacrifices for our great nation every day.

2014 ticket information: Ticket information is available for the four events in 2014 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway – the Grand Prix of Indianapolis, 98th Indianapolis 500, Kroger Super Weekend at the Brickyard and Red Bull Indianapolis GP.

Fans can order tickets at, by calling 800-822-INDY or 317-492-6700 between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (ET) Monday through Friday or by visiting the IMS Ticket Office at the IMS Administration Building at the corner of Georgetown Road and 16th Street between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (ET) Monday through Friday. Tickets for groups of 20 or more also are available. Contact the IMS Group Sales Department at (866) 221-8775 for more information.


Data & Graphics courtesy of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway


Bobby Rahal and son Graham Rahal — Photo by: Chris Owens

Data and Photo courtesy of IndyCar 


Photo courtesy of IndyCar / Photo by: Shawn Gritzmacher